The soundtrack was released by Curb Records on Vinyl & Cassette Tape in 1986. In 2014 it was re-released digitally on iTunes.

Original Soundtrack List

  1. Break the Ice - John Farnham
  2. Love THeme From 'Rad' - John Farnham
  3. Thunder in Your Heart - John Farnham
  4. Baby Come Back - Jimmy Haddox
  5. Send Me An Angel - Real Life
  6. Riverside - The Beat Farmers
  7. Music That You Can Dance To - Sparks
  8. Wind Me Up - 3 Speed
  9. Get Strange - Hubert Kah

Not on the released soundtrack was the song Caught Up In The Crossfire by the The Charm Kings. The Charm Kings lost the recording and it was made just for the movie, the song only appeared in 1 scene of the movie. The clubhouse at the lumberyard, as Luke, Cru & Becky are reading BMX magazines.

Also not available anywhere is the background music to the paper delivery scene.