Mrs. Jones is Cru's mother. A widowed woman who is determined for her son to go to college. When she finds out her son Cru wants to compete in Helltrack, the professional BMX race which falls on the same day as his SAT's, she lectures him about how skipping his SAT's for a bicycle race is a self destructive action. But her son Cru doesn't see it that way, BMX is the one thing hes really good at and this is the chance of a lifetime.

With the help of his sister he forges his mothers signature on the race entry form. But his mother sees him on TV and arrives at the qualifying races. Fans of the movie almost love to hate this character, aside from the crooked promoter Duke Best his own mother is really the only other thing standing in his way from competing in the race.

In the end his mother allows him to race, only if he promises to take the SAT's the first time there is a makeup day.